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Plate-forme d'Analyses Génomiques de l'Université Laval

ABI 3130XL

With an experience of nearly 15 years in the sequencing of DNA molecules in Quebec, the Plate-forme d'Analyses Génomiques (PAG) of Laval University offers since 2010 the Next-generation sequencing using 454 GS FLX Titanium pyrosequencing technology.

This technology allows the acquisition of 400-600 Mbases of sequence per run. With a mode set at 500 bases, the GS FLX Titanium technology generates average sequence length above 350 bases, a feature unachieved by other next-gen sequencing technologies. This technology is particularly well suited for the genomics of non-model organisms, but remains very useful for organisms with reference genomes.

Applications for this service include: Genome sequencing (prokaryotes and eukaryotes), Complementary DNA sequencing / transcriptomes / expression, Epigenetic, ChIP, methylation, Allelic/somatic variation detection, Sequence capture / targeted sequencing, Plastids, mitochondria, virus, BACs, plasmids, Metagenomics and diversity.

Our staff is available to guide you according to your needs and budget.

Sequencing service using the Sanger method with two 16-capillary genetic analyzers 3130XL from Applied Biosystems is always available. We are able to adjust our responses according to your requirements. Mention them to our experts at your command.

Follow our simple procedure from the menu "How to proceed?"

We can do the sequencing of almost all types of DNA plasmids, cosmids, phages and amplicons (PCR). We can use universal primers or specific primers. We are able to perform readings of 800-1000 bp by migration with an accuracy of 99% (Q20). To properly prepare your samples, please refer to our protocols of "Sample preparation" and of our list of "Frequently encountered problems".

We can also process DNA molecules containing GC-rich regions, as well as those treated with bisulfite for the detection of methylated bases. Visit our web page "Pricing & policy" for a list of our products and prices. You will also find our policy on delivery times and rework in case of trouble.

The results are always accessible from the web page "Download the results".

Although we make a first general treatment (called "base-calling and processing) of the results, the final review and approval of results is the responsibility of the customer. Therefore, we suggest some websites where you can download free software for viewing your electrophoretograms, see the tab "Tools".